Meet the Team    

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Anna Bragga

Anna is the founder of Conscience Media, and draws upon her experience as a Third Sector PR and marketing executive, along with a background in publishing and journalism. Anna's ideas have launched an alternative fashion magazine and given other publications a sparkling new look. She recently wrote and published a psychological suspense novella called, Fractured: Memories of a Survivor (Volume I). She began making short films in 2013 to provide a more comprehensive PR package to her clients. 

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Steve Browne

Steve is our design guru, combining technical wizardly with a brilliant imagination and a 'can do' approach to any design task you throw at him. His passion for digital art began as a hobby, making artwork for the paranormal investigations organisation he co-founded: Norfolk Hauntings. His work is also influenced by his passion for blockbuster movies. Authentic-looking posters are his speciality.