The debut novella from Anna L. Bragga, Fractured: Memories of a Survivor (Vol), is a psychological suspense story narrated by twenty-three-year-old Deborah Rawlings before she went missing from a London hostel.

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Your book does hook into memories, thoughts and feelings. However, it does it in a good way. To me, your book is cathartic, not damaging. Your book is not triggering, except in a good way.
— Richard Gillard, Physicist
As a publisher, you could say that Fractured fills the need for books about trauma and abuse with deeper meanings to them. Books that leave the reader feeling inspired. Like the caterpillar whose cathartic change becomes the most beautiful of butterflies, Anna’s novella will leave you inspired and changed.
— TGIM Digital Publishing
As powerful as her other writings. A must read.
— Michelle Bailey on Fractured

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