You've polished your manuscript. 

Now you need a beautiful alluring cover
to match your storytelling, style and tone.

Look no further. 

We've got it covered!

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Once you have completed our simple questionnaire outlining your requirements, we will call you to make sure we have got all the details. Our designer will work with you on a one-to-one until we've got it right. 

Save time with a ready made original design

A pre-made original book cover design costs £49.

We are beginning our series on the themes of horror, crime and mystery.               

If this is your genre, why not take a look at our selection below to see whether anything jumps out at you. Copy and fonts can all be amended to suit.

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Each of these designs is original, created by Steve Browne. Copyright will transfer to the author on purchase.

There are no hidden extras. Payment is by Paypal or by direct bank transfer. We're currently taking on new projects. Tell us about your perfect book cover design. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch below or by sending an email to

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