Digital artist joins Conscience Media

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I have great hopes of working with Anna. I just know we have a great connection, and Anna loves my work.

Steve Browne

Steve Browne is now officially working with us. As of today, he will be providing specialist graphic design services, including, but not limited to: advertisements, posters, leaflets, book and DVD covers.

The arrangement marks a milestone in Steve's career as a digital artist which started out as a hobby until friends began commissioning him to make personalised movie-style posters.  More... 


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Alchemy is an ancient tradition whose goal is the transformation of an ordinary person into an extraordinary human being, an everyday life into a life imbued with spiritual meaning, divine purpose and passion. Lead to gold refers to the possibility of a spiritual upgrade, to the miraculous capacity of human beings to evolve to more refined, elegant, potent and complete expressions of their own divine natures.


Changing Perceptions    

 Changing Lives

Since forming Conscience Media in September 2010 (conceived originally as Conscience Communications), the concept has always been about giving form to expressions of conscience, the communication of my clients' messages of a distinctly moral nature, to key audiences, employing every medium at my disposal. And yes, on many occasions we have succeeded in changing the attitudes, beliefs and actions of those who matter, or at least a portion of them.   

 Conscience Media's approach is unique in that it seeks to use PR techniques to enlighten and educate, bringing modern day alchemy to each project, imbuing it with divine purpose, while working towards the communications objectives of its clients.

The Castle and the Moat

Why I chose this theme by Anna Bragga

We are looking at my castle, a representation of the solid structure in which knowledge and wisdom is stored, held safely through lifetimes.  

The castle is a place to reflect, overlooking the protective, sacred still waters of the moat.  The water represents the essence of love, intuition and psychic imprints, and emotions, all of which must be honoured in the alchemical process.

The mist represents my creativity and balance. Alchemical deeds are planned and executed within the stone walls and puffed into the ethers.

The full moon illuminates that which was hidden, so that it can be brought to light, examined, embraced, or if necessary, healed and released. This moon is full of creative ideas, dreams and visions waiting to be woven into stories and art, music and films. It is my private storehouse safely located off the boundaries of Earth, in the cosmos, where there are no limits.