Community With a Heart

Stepping into the hidden world of

the King's Arms Project

By Anna L. Bragga

 SAFETY NET: Temporary accommodation for up to 18 roughsleepers provided by The King's Arms Project, Bedford.

SAFETY NET: Temporary accommodation for up to 18 roughsleepers provided by The King's Arms Project, Bedford.

How many times have you walked down Bedford High Street and straight into the gaze of a scruffy figure crouched in a doorway, cap in hand, and felt helpless? If you see a rough sleeper, someone on the street who, when you get talking to them, says they've got nowhere to go, there is something you can do: contact Streetlink or go to the Bedford Homeless Database which will guide you towards the appropriate channels.

Bedford has a well of resources geared up to help people who have for one reason or another, perhaps through a relationship breakdown or rent arrears, lost their home, as I found out from speaking to Outreach Manager at the King's Arms Project, Emma Johnson. You just need to know how to access them. Fortunately, the charity's outreach team, working collaboratively with other services, know just how to reach out to vulnerable adults and rescue them from the misery and cold.

If someone has a drug or alcohol problem they will most likely get referred to the NHS funded Path to Recovery (P2R) service for advice, treatment and support. Move-on Housing provides temporary accommodation in 2-6 bed properties providing an opportunity to acquire some stability while looking for employment.

 Anna L. Bragga

Anna L. Bragga

It's good to know that Bedford has people like Emma Johnson and her colleagues, people dedicated to lifting people out of homelessness, poverty and despair.

I would never have found this out were it not for my current research project, the second book in the Memories of a Survivor series. I look forward to exploring this topic further.  

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Trauma-themed poster series by Anna L. Bragga

Designs inspired by Anna's book,

Fractured: Memories of a Survivor

(Volume I)


Notes to Self 1_By Deborah Rawlings.jpg

The first in a planned series of life affirming, validating statements called 'Notes to Self' inspired by the protagonist, Deborah Rawlings in Fractured, who had a habit of jotting down her thoughts on scraps of paper under challenging circumstances.  

FRACTURED cover high res with border jpg.jpg

The true cost of 




'A must read for the young and not so young. An excellent, memorable and somewhat haunting story. Can't wait for the second volume.' Amazon review


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Splitting as a survival strategy.png

The long term physiological and psychological effects of inescapable, self-alienating trauma in childhood are still widely misunderstood, frequently leading to misdiagnoses of personality disorders and the medication of symptoms without addressing the cause. This series seeks to raise awareness of some of the adaptive psychological mechanisms that allow victims to continue to function after the threat has gone, well into adulthood, albeit at a price.

Dissociation poster with words.jpg

Inspiration for these posters is drawn from the works of clinicians and researchers specialising in the field of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD).

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See Anna's blog and other C-PTSD-related articles on Out of the Storm (OOTS), a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the effects of trauma.

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