REMOVING CHAINS OF CHILD ABUSE: Real life stories by survivors

I was recently invited to review Removing Chains of Child Abuse, an anthology of stories, poems and art by seventeen survivors of human trafficking, child abuse and bullying, brought together by trauma-informed advocates, Ark of Hope for Children in partnership with TGIM Digital Publishing. I hesitated at first, because as a contributor, I assumed that my perceptions and analyses would appear biased or lacking objectivity to the average reader. Then on reflection, I realised that my own hard-won knowledge could be an advantage. So I decided to give it a go and let you decide.

FRACTURED: Postponed

Problems with the proofs have put 'Fractured' on hold for the time being. I am sorry to disappoint all my friends and followers who had been eagerly looking forward to the scheduled release tomorrow, October 12th. It is my hope that matters will be resolved and the book will be available in due course. Further announcements to follow.

FRACTURED: Cover Unveiled

FRACTURED: Cover Unveiled

Due for release: October 12th 2017

Story summary

Deborah knows how easily people can switch moods; her pencil case is stuffed with notes on the devastating consequences. She thought leaving home would be the beginning of a brighter future, a chance to do something worthwhile with her life. But somehow the past was determined to follow her, lead her into places more terrifying than she'd known.