FRACTURED: Cover Unveiled

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Due for release: October 12th 2017

Story summary

Deborah knows how easily people can switch moods; her pencil case is stuffed with notes on the devastating consequences. She thought leaving home would be the beginning of a brighter future, a chance to do something worthwhile with her life. But somehow the past was determined to follow her, lead her into places more terrifying than she'd known.

The move to London only started another chapter paved with pain and lies, and Golden Girl, cousin Jen, made sure she wasn't there when life tripped her up.

Now she's homeless, a recovering alcoholic, under the temporary wing of Rainbows End, always fighting the cold, and her nerves. Only the truth can give her peace and justice now.

A mystery unsolved
A life shattered
A heart broken
A soul lost
A spirit that will never give in

This is Debs' story,
written for the young people, 
the ones who still stand a chance.

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"As powerful as her other writings. A must read."

Published by TGIM Digital Publishing

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